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comparing - the real costs

What accommodation choices do you have when staying away from home on business or, perhaps, because of long term work being carried on your home? A hotel is often the obvious choice, but for a longer stay away, leasing a property may also be an alternative.

Here we compare the costs, real and hidden that can be involved when staying in a hotel and leased apartment to being a guest in serviced accommodation.

Compare the costs...

Serviced Apt
Leased Apartment
Typical Single Occupancy Rate (per person per night)
Typical Double Occupancy Rate (per person per night)
£40-60 *
£25-35 *
Suitable for stays of
1 - 5 nights
3 nights -
6-24 months
Minimum level of commitment
1 night
1 night
6 months
Cancellation notice period
1 night
1 week
1 month
Minimum lead time
1 hour
1-3 days
1-2 times
Level of administration
Pricing Structure
Nightly rates + extras
Rent + deposit
Hidden costs / extras
Restaurant & bar. Bills, taxis, Sky Movies, broadband internet, phone calls
Supermarket groceries,
phone calls
Utilities, phone calls & line rentals, broadband internet, Sky, furnishings

* Rates based on 2 colleagues sharing a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment.

Typical rates quoted exclude VAT

Do you want to find out more about the value of staying in esa serviced apartments compared to hotel accommodation or leased apartments? Contact us today, we'd be delighted to show you our serviced apartments Newbury, Maidenhead, Swindon or Bracknell or answer any questions you might have.