7 Tips for Smarter Travel

Make your travels a little easier with these seven clever hacks. After you try them out, you’ll probably wonder how you got by without them!


1. Place Your Phone in a Mug for an Instant Speaker

You’re sure to need some entertainment on your journeys – tunes for your time on the road and those boring nights in hotel rooms especially. Unfortunately, packing up your favorite speakers and bringing them along isn’t always an option.


phone in a mug

Try sticking your smartphone in a mug, and put on your favorite album. The shape and density of the mug will amplify the weak sound from your phone’s speaker and give it a pretty respectable tone.


2. Thread Delicate Necklaces Through Drinking Straws to Prevent Tangles

necklaces threaded in straws
Screenshot via soniastravels

Traveling with jewelry can be a huge pain. Earrings get lost, necklaces tangle, and bracelets rattle around aimlessly in your baggage.

To keep your necklaces in order, thread them through drinking straws, and you’ll put an end to frustrating tangles.


3. Use Spare Buttons to Pair Up Earrings

Earrings in buttons
Screenshot via soniastravels

Traveling with earrings is like asking to lose them. The best way to keep them buddied up is to fasten them through the holes of spare buttons. This way you’ll have each pair of earrings organized and ready to go.
Once you’ve got all of your earrings paired up with buttons, stash them in a plastic bag for easy access.


4. Tire Yourself Out With a Workout Before Long Flights to Prevent Jetlag

man exercising in gym 

Photo by Chiara Mattirolo

Don’t let your change in time zone cheat you out of a good night’s sleep. Knock out jetlag by hitting the gym for a hard workout shortly before your flight. All that exertion will help you rest when you reach your destination. Just remember to stay hydrated and on a regular meal schedule, and you should have no trouble catching some shut-eye after you land.


5. Stash Tiny Items in Contact Lens Cases for Safe Storage

 contact lens holder

Photo by Lenore Edman

Life is full of tiny and important items. Unfortunately, they’re the easiest things to lose. Hide away your miniscule accessories in a contact lens case. These cases are strong and watertight too!


6. Roll Your Clothes to Save Space and Prevent Wrinkles

rolled jeans 

Photo by the_green_squirrel on Flickr

You fold, starch, and press your clothes carefully, but it seems impossible to get a suitcase full of clothes from one place to another without wrinkling them terribly. You can always pack them in a garment bag, but hassling with a big pouch full of shirts, jackets and pants is far from convenient.


So what’s the secret to wrinkle-free traveling? Keep your wardrobe looking crisp by rolling your garments instead of folding them. If you must fold a garment, take a cue from your local department store and tuck some tissue paper in each fold.


7. Fly with a Knit Scarf Wrap to Serve as a Blanket or Pillow

burnt orange scarf 

Photo by smittenkittenorig on Flickr

Airplane seating is one of the least comfortable places to spend an extended amount of time. The cabin is usually cold, there’s little legroom, and it’s tough to get any sleep without a special pillow. If you aren’t in the first class tax bracket, and you don’t want to haul along a ridiculous pillow, try bringing an oversized, knit scarf or wrap on your next plane ride.


It can double as a blanket or pillow, and you can wear it off the plane at the end of the flight – no neck pillow shame.