Swindon ranked one of the best places in the UK to do business

Having been ranked one of the best-performing economies in the country, Swindon is a fantastic place for businesses and workers alike. An impressive feat which was announced in the latest Centre for Cities Outlook ( report, it was also revealed that the large south west town enjoys the seventh most productive workforce in the whole of Britain.

Aside from a booming economy and a motivated workforce, why should Swindon be on your radar if you’re looking for somewhere to do business?

It’s home to a number of global brands
Swindon particularly thrives when it comes to financial, professional, manufacturing and engineering services. It’s home to an impressive list of global brands including Zurich, Nationwide, Capita, Honda, Mini, Intel, Cisco and BT. What’s more, it also boasts the fifth fastest growing financial services sector nationally and its manufacturing and engineering sector contributes more than £1 billion to the economy.

With the seventh fastest growing tech economy and ninth fastest growing digital workforce nationally, the town is also at the forefront of technology and is often referred to as England’s ‘Silicon Valley.’

You won’t just find established companies in the area either. Swindon has a reputation for being one of the UK’s main centres for innovation so it’s a fantastic place for start-ups and small businesses.

It’s a great place to work
Being such a great place to work, Swindon attracts a high calibre of candidates which is fantastic news for the many different companies based in the area. Why is Swindon such a great place for workers?

• Wages are on average the 14th highest in the UK
• It enjoys the third highest employment rate. Coming in at 80.6%, Swindon’s employment rate is significantly higher than the national average of 74.2%
• It has the fourth highest share of graduates in high skilled occupations.

The future looks bright
Not only is Swindon currently a great place for businesses and workers, continuous investment means that it will continue to thrive. As well as being included on a list of five ‘fast growth cities’ last year, The Swindon Economic Growth Strategy also estimates that up to 19,600 new jobs will be created in the area by 2026.

Speaking about the many great reasons to do business in Swindon, managing director of Responsive Personnel, Danny Kimber commented:

“Swindon has for some time been an ideal location for large distribution and manufacturing companies due to the ideal access to the M4/M5 corridor. It’s an ever-growing town, providing a solid base for both skilled and unskilled workers across these industries.

“Swindon is an ideal and efficient location for large companies to set up manufacturing, distribution and customer support centres to service their clients. Large companies such as B&Q, Honda, Oak Furniture Land and Howard Tenens, to name but a few, have taken full advantage of this over the years and I can see a number of key players following suit over the next decade.”

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